Noctrix Health, Inc. was founded on the critical unmet need in treating Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), observed through Stanford’s Biodesign Innovation Program (link) by alumnus Shri Raghunathan. Raghunathan, a Purdue and Stanford-trained engineer with extensive expertise in neuromodulation and medical device design, joined forces with Jonathan Charlesworth, a Princeston and UCSF-trained neuroscientist with a passion for developing new neurotech solutions backed by solid scientific evidence. The company incorporated in 2018 with a mission to make “wearable therapeutics” a household name for millions of RLS patients looking for a better nights’ sleep.

The Unmet Need

Our mission: Noctrix Health, Inc. is committed to developing the next generation of clinically validated, wearable therapeutics to address unmet needs for people with chronic medical conditions in a safe and effective manner.

Meet the Team


A mix of seasoned medical device experts working shoulder to shoulder with neuroscientists and engineers from the consumer electronics world to deliver a prescription-grade therapy with an outstanding user experience.

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Board of Directors

At its core, Noctrix Health, Inc. is made up of a tight-knit group of motivated individuals eager to make a difference in the lives of millions of patients worldwide.


The neuroscientists, engineers, and doctors behind Noctrix Health, Inc. are proud to be backed by leading angel and venture partners from around the globe.

Shriram Raghunathan, ph.d.

President & CEO

Shri, founder and CEO of Noctrix Health, is a Stanford Biodesign Fellowship alumnus with extensive experience in medical device R&D and strategy. He recently led a consultancy for Medtech startups and Fortune 100 firms, aiding in their raising of >$200M and launching therapies globally. Previously at Cyberonics, Inc., he innovated in vagus nerve stimulation. Shri has a BS in Electrical Engineering, a PhD in Biomedical Engineering focusing on neuromodulation, and boasts numerous publications and patents. Shri loves dabbling in music and amateur woodworking and is always looking for new projects!

Jonathan Charlesworth, Ph.D.

VP, Research

Jonathan Charlesworth, Ph.D. is a co-founder of Noctrix Health and serves as the VP of Clinical Research.  Dr. Charlesworth brings a wealth of industry experience developing and validating innovative wearable devices and algorithms to improve mental health and sleep, ranging from consumer health at Fitbit to neurostimulation at Thync. He is listed as an inventor on more than 15 patents encompassing stimulation waveforms, electrode design, and algorithms. Dr. Charlesworth received his PhD in neuroscience from UCSF, his undergraduate degree from Princeton University, and has authored 10 peer-reviewed publications. At Noctrix Health, Dr. Charlesworth has led the clinical trials that validated the TOMAC technology as well as the scientific research program that developed its breakthrough mechanism of action.

Jessica Preciado, Ph.D.

VP, Clin Affairs

Jessica Preciado, PhD currently serves as the VP of Clinical Affairs where she oversees clinical and regulatory operations as well as health economics publications. Jessica joined Noctrix Health in February 2022. Prior to joining Noctrix, she held roles in Research, Product Development and Clinical Operations at early-stage startups Zeltiq, Myoscience and Elixir Medical. Jessica earned her BS, MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley and has co-authored multiple publications and patents. On the weekends you’ll find her exploring science and the outdoors with her family or her kids’ scout groups.

Jeff Schirm

Senior VP, Product

Jeff Schirm is a strategic and operationally focused SVP of Product at Noctrix Health. Jeff has 30+ years in the field of medical devices, engineering, operations, and product development. He has worked for large and early-stage companies such as GE, Philips, Ebb Therapeutics, and Bryte prior to joining Noctrix Health. Jeff is passionate about solving human problems and developing solutions to ensure patients get the sleep they deserve.

Ross Sylvia

Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

Justin Kelly, RN

Senior VP, Patient Access

Allan May

Life Science Angels

Allan founded Life Science Angels, the U.S.’s largest angel group dedicated to early-stage medtech and biotech startups. Since 2005, LSA has invested $35M, leveraging over $700M in venture capital. In 2011, he launched the Life Science Angel Network for national syndication. Allan co-founded Emergent Medical Partners with Dr. Thomas Fogarty in 2007, boasting 25 investments and successful exits like eValve. As Chairman of the Angel Resource Institute in 2010, he fostered angel investing. With roles in over 50 startups like Nanostim and BioMimedica, he’s a recognized speaker and editorial board member for In Vivo magazine.

Tracy Pappas

Treo Ventures

Tracy possesses over 20 years of expertise spanning operations, finance, and venture capital in the medtech and tech sectors. Currently on the boards of Avivomed and Noctrix Health, she’s also an observer at Neuspera and ShiraTronics. Formerly the CFO of Synergy Life Science Partners, she negotiated investments surpassing $100M, including in iRhythmTechnologies. Recently, as CFO and CCO at Partners for Growth, she oversaw $600M+ in AUM. At Aptus Endosystems, pre-acquisition by Medtronic, Tracy directed extensive operational and financial facets. Starting her journey at KPMG, she’s a UC Berkeley alum and CPA (inactive).

Mudit Jain, Ph.D.

Treo Ventures

Mudit, Founding General Partner of Treo Ventures and CEO of NuXcel, boasts 20+ years in the medical device sector, with roles spanning R&D to venture capital. He co-founded ShiraTronics, serving as its Chairman. His global healthcare perspective is molded by experiences in the USA, Ireland, and India. Mudit sits on multiple boards including CVRx and Noctrix Health, with past involvements like Inspire Medical Systems. With stints at Synergy Life Science and Johnson & Johnson Development, he’s an influential figure in bioengineering innovation. Mudit, a VNIT graduate, holds a Ph.D. from Duke and an MBA from Wharton.

Evan Caplan, MD

OrbiMed Healthcare Fund Management

Dr. Evan Caplan serves as Principal, Private Equity at OrbiMed. He is Board Member at Evox Therapeutics. He is on the Private Equity team. Prior to joining OrbiMed, he worked at J.P. Morgan in the healthcare investment banking group, where he advised public and private biotech, pharma and medtech companies on M&A and financing matters. Dr. Caplan received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, his M.B.A from Harvard Business School and his B.A. from Middlebury College.

Matt Dodds (Observing)


Matt J. Dodds is Senior Vice President-Corporate Development at LivaNova Plc. In his past career he was Vice President-Strategic Planning at Johnson & Johnson, Analyst at Kidder Peabody, Analyst at Cowen & Co. LLC, Research Analyst at Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (Broker), Director at UBS Securities LLC and Sales Manager at PaineWebber, Inc. Mr. Dodds received an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University.